IATA Certificates

Global recognition

IATA Training qualifications open up a world of opportunity for your career. We deliver industry excellence in every course, ensuring our certificates and diplomas enjoy global recognition.

Courses designed and delivered by industry experts

IATA Training offers unique insight into our key areas of expertise and our commitment to global standards. All courses are designed and delivered by subject matter experts, making them the ideal choice for your aviation career. IATA certificates are internationally recognized throughout the industry.

How to validate your IATA Certificate

Check the authenticity and validity of your certificate.

It's easy to use! Just enter your certificate or booking reference into the tool along with the last name of the certificate holder to check it's validity.

What the tool can do

The IATA Certificate Validation tool will only recognize certificates:

  • For courses 
  • Issued in the past 5 years
  • Where the exams were conducted in a supervised setting (in the classroom or supervised online).
  • Where there are no outstanding fees to IATA

What the tool can't do

  • Diploma certificates (multi-course) including the Leadership and Management diploma.
  • Certificates issued by IATA Accredited Training Schools (ATS)

Please contact us and open a case to request validation of these certificates.

Please note: Certificates Issued for unsupervised online exams cannot be validated by IATA.